Catalyst has recently been certified as a LGBT Business Enterprise with the NGLCC. We are excited to have achieved a wonderful goal and it is an honor to support diversity within our community and encourage strong relationships with other minority-owned companies.

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Catalyst is determined to locate, invent and test new technologies to provide a future benefit to insurers.


In addition to locating new and effective technologies, Catalyst uses current technology to assist insurers with scaling their efficiencies during times of high demand.


We provide qualified staffing to assist with an insurer's needs for most facets of the claim-handling process.

Re-imagine Insurance

Technology provides us with an invaluable resource to meet your service levels and allow your company to expand. In many situations, insurers are unable to provide evolving technology solutions based on a lack of evidence-based research to justify expansions. Catalyst is committed to learning new technologies, testing their effectiveness and utilizing these resources directly in an insurer's day-to-day operations to notice the benefits. Insurers that refuse to allow technology to become part of their business operation risk their company's future. Many policyholders find the true benefit and retention in an insurer that provides modern technology to expedite claim-handling and provide an overall convenience for them.


Stay Connected

Technology evolves nonstop. Catalyst is committed to providing exceptional service while meeting your needs. Contact us so Catalyst can be the spark to reducing your claim life cycle.

We're Hiring!

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